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Fall 2019 Parent Survey Results now available

As we do at the end of every semester, we conducted a parent survey for all enrolled students in Fall 2019.

There was record participation for the survey of 93 responses. Thank you!

All of you (who participated in the survey) told us that the program helped your child increase confidence, generate more interest in math, and/or improve performance in school! This is what we aspire for!

All of you except one response told us you would recommend OneInMath program! We are humbled by your universal support for the program. We take the poor response seriously and have followed up with the parent.

As usual the program was oversubscribed in most libraries. There were requests to increase frequency of classes, increase difficulty of problems, add logic problems, make the program year-round.

In Spring 2020, we have added yet another library, and the program is now offered at Naper Blvd Library as well bringing the total number of libraries to six. We are looking to open more branches. This is a 100% volunteer run program. We are always looking for adult volunteers and young high school students who are passionate in making a difference to help start program in a library near you. If you are interested, please contact-us.

You may view the full survey at parent-survey-fall-2019.