How It Works

OneInMath is a free program designed to help young children (Kindergarden to 3rd grade) master math skills and build strong foundations in basic arithmetic. Our goal is to make students comfortable with the material and to reduce math anxiety by individualizing the process of learning math, so they are more likely to succeed both now and in the future. We combine the advantages of scientific learning, tutoring, practice, and commitment from parents and students to help them excel.

The program has benefited over 1000 students and is supported by over 100 high school volunteers! We hope it will benefit your children too!

The OneInMath curriculum is designed such that students can start from anywhere and work through the material at their own pace.

In the first class of every session, we evaluate students to determine where they should start using our unique diagnostic. Once the level is determined, students follow the following flow every week.


  1. Tutors review their students homework packets, using both a written and an oral assessment to make sure students understand concepts being practiced. Tutors then assign classwork packet, which can either be the same packet repeated to better comprehension, the next packet, or a review packet.
  2. Depending on the packet, tutors teach concepts to students and explain aim of the packet.
  3. Students work on the classwork packet while tutors watch and help as necessary.
  4. Tutors review the packet completed during class, once again trying to assess their comprehension.
  5. Tutors assign homework packet based on the progress of the student in the class.
  6. Student completes homework at home.

Optionally, student may watch videos on our website to review math concepts or go through drills.

Please also see Parent Information page for frequently asked questions.