Session Leader


As a session leader, you are responsible for an entire branch of OneInMath. Your duties include supervising both tutors and students. You will ensure tutors are tutoring effectively and diligently and will the ensure quality of teaching using the OneInMath curriculum and techniques. Furthermore, it is the job of the session leader to communicate with librarians, parents, and volunteers, and report to executive team.


  • Work with librarian to recruit tutors and students.
  • Supervise all tutors and substitute tutors, including training them.
  • Handle tutor/student logistics.
  • Communicate with parents and volunteers.
  • Attend all classes and conduct regular meetings.
  • Select and train new session leader.


  • Leadership and management skills
  • Loves working with young kids.
  • Earned B+ or higher in high school math courses.
  • Ages 13-18.
  • Usually requires tutoring experience with OneInMath for four sessions.
    • Note: Exceptions are made when we find tutors who display session leader qualities as a tutor, or a new program is started in a library.


  • 4-5┬áhours a week, including one hour of class time.
  • Must participate in the program for at least a year after becoming lead volunteer.

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