You will manage all videos for OneInMath and work with the executive team to produce several videos to help students learn OneInMath concepts. Your videos will be instrumental in educating the OneInMath community including parents, tutors, and students about the OneInMath program and curriculum.


  • Record, edit, and publish training videos for math concepts and practice for students.
  • Record, edit, and publish training videos for volunteers.
  • Record, edit, and publish various videos about OneInMath.
  • Work with executive team to script content of the videos.
  • Coordinate logistics.


  • Own a laptop (for your own use only)
  • Experienced in recording, editing, and publishing videos to YouTube
  • Organizational skills


  • 2-4 hours a week. You can put in more hours if you would like.
  • Willing to participate in the program for at least one session.

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