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Prathana receives 2020 Naperville Youth Service Award!

Congratulations to Prarthana on receiving the prestigious 2020 Naperville Youth Service Award presented by Mayor of Naperville, Steve Chirico! She was nominated by the Naperville Public Library Executive Director Dave Della Terza and Children’s supervisor Amanda Hanson.

Way to go Prarthana! 

Award Transcript from the Nominators:

The mission of the Naperville public library is to inform, inspire, and imagine. The Naperville public library has chosen Prarthana Prashanth for the Naperville Youth Service award. Prarthana has combined her passion for learning and education with her desire to help others into an immensely successful tutoring program called OneInMath. Prarthana has become the Chicagoland area leader of OneInMath. She went from teaching five students alone to currently teaching over 200 elementary students with over 40 high school aged tutors through her program. She has shown tremendous leadership skills with a thoughtful and relational style to recruiting area libraries as organizational partners, high school students as session volunteers, and elementary students to attend sessions. Prarthana is such a valued volunteer and we are grateful for all she does. Congratulations Prarthana for receiving the 2020 Naperville youth service award!