Parent Survey Fall 2019

End of every session, we conduct a parent survey to get feedback on the program to understand what is working, what can we improve for the next session. Over time, the feedback has been very helpful to iterate and make improvements to the program curriculum, processes, tutor training, benefiting students, tutors and session leaders alike.

We welcome you to review the parent feedback for Fall 2019 session below. The Fall 2019 session was offered at five libraries in Chicagoland led by Prarthana Prashanth.


  • 99% of parents recommend the OneInMath program!
  • 65-35 distribution of new and returning students
  • 100% of tutors rated good or higher. 68% rated as excellent!
  • Program helped 100% of students to improve one or more of the following:
    • increase confidence
    • generate more interest in math, and/or
    • improve performance in school!
  • Program was oversubscribed in most libraries.
  • Requests to increase frequency of classes, increase difficulty of problems, add logic problems, make the program year-round.


  1. This is an amazing program!
  2. Thanks for providing this opportunity, my kid loved coming here and teacher was very patient with my kid and helped him a lot in improving math further. Thank you so much.
  3. Excellent program for kids to develop interest in maths and learning. Highly recommend for all the kids.
  4. This program is a wonderful tool which increased confidence in my 1st Grader’s math ability.
  5. Thank you! For this wonderful program to all the volunteers that make this happening especially to the teens that choose to spend time helping others than hanging out with their friends.
  6. We are thankful to have people invest back into our children.
  7. Really like your Program which helps to generate interest in Maths for young kids.My kid loved your last Bingo class.
  8. Both of my kids were always excited and looked forward to attending OneInMath on Sundays. My kindergarten seemed to take off and loved challenging her 2nd grader brother’s math knowledge.
  9. OneInMath is a great program. It improved my kid’s confidence in math.
  10. OneInMath is a wonderful program which encouraged my kid to complete math quicker and perfect at school. Thank you OneInMath team and the lovely volunteers for encouraging the little ones to do their best!!!
  11. Good program for kids on organized math practice to improve their confidence in solving math problems. Would like to have it expanded to further grades beyond 3rd.
  12. This is a great program for your child. The tutors are engaging and fun and my boy who usually is not a fan of study programs loves this as the tutors are talented young kids who make this challenging and exciting and can introduce new concepts to your child with ease.
  13. My son really struggled in Math until he met his tutor Arthur. I’m very grateful for this program because my son now has more confidence when he does his math homework, and academically I can see a difference.
  14. Our kindergartener enjoyed meeting other kids that love math. This class provided a structure that made math fun. Our son is way ahead of his school curriculum and he enjoyed the challenge and was proud of what he accomplished.
  15. Clare enjoys the extra focus on her math skills and really liked her tutor.
  16. This is a wonderful program to bring confidence and interest in kids at such a young age. Also, a wonderful way for building a great community. Kudos to the organizers and volunteers.
  17. OneInMath has been extremely helpful for my second grade child. The program not only created and sustained interest in math but also improved my child’s performance in school and his overall confidence. Math has been his favorite subject since OneInMath happened and his friends look up to him as he scores 100/100. Thanks a lot to the entire team. Your continued dedicated efforts truly translates into tangible results that will help ensure shape up the child’s career.
  18. OneInMath helped Madhav improve his confidence and increase his interest in Math. This wasn’t the case before the session. His school teacher too acknowledged the fact. Keep up the good work!
  19. Superb course designed for kids to improve their math skills in a very encouraging environment.

Detailed Survey Feedback