Online OneInMath Program

As the libraries have closed, we have piloted an online version of the program for existing registered students to allow them to continue to learn and benefit from our program. We had our first pilot class last Sunday, and starting tomorrow we are launching online OneInMath classes for students who were part of Eola, Santori, 95th, Nichols, and Naper Blvd libraries. The online classes will start from Sunday, April 19th through Sunday, June 14th.

Thanks to Prarthana for taking the initiative and creating the online format of the program. Current students have already been contacted and Prarthana and her team have arranged for parents to print the math packets at home, or has arranged to get the sheets printed and distributed to the parents.

Online program will use Zoom video breakout room for each tutor to work with their assigned students, and the session leader and session manager would continue to supervise via Zoom. 

Stay safe!

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