High School Students Create OneInMath Informational Video

Yet another passionate work by the OneInMath team in Chicagoland! Congratulations to Prarthana Prashanth the lead for all OneInMath programs in Chicagoland, session leads and tutors for brainstorming and putting together a five minute video trailer about the program currently running in Eola, Santori and 95th Street  libraries in Chicago!

Special thanks to Andrew Wang, senior in high school and OIM volunteer, for offering to film and create the video. He spent two months to film students in class, carried out interviews of tutors, Session Leads, Session Managers, and librarians, and finally after multiple edits, the OneInMath Trailer is complete! Thank you Andrew for your great effort and all the students, volunteers, and librarians for their continuous support and cooperation.

We hope you enjoy this video and continue spreading this word about OneInMath!

We encourage potential volunteers interested in volunteering in any capacity (tutors, substitute tutors, session leaders, session managers) who aspire to be part of the OneInMath program, as well as parents of kindergarten to 3rd grades who want to enroll their children in the program  to view the video and feel the program in action!