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What is the minimum number of tutors and students you need to start a new chapter of OneInMath?

To start a new chapter, we recommend a small class size, i.e. 10 to 20 students at the max, and 3-5 tutors including the session lead. Session lead will also be playing the role of a tutor to learn and experience the life of a tutor that he/she would be managing in successive sessions.

A typical class once the program is established is based on the available resources including library room size, and availability of volunteers. This capacity could be anywhere from 20 to 50 students.

Librarian says this program is better applicable at elementary schools instead of the library

All our experience talking to the librarian has been that this is a great program and everywhere the program is offered, librarians, parents and high school students love it and have benefitted in multiple ways.

Only once we heard  an observation from a librarian that this might be better suited if offered at elementary schools because it is a structured program.

The OneInMath program may be offered at any location like libraries, churches, community centers, etc. It may be offered as an after school program in elementary schools as well. However, there are several regulations and requirements for schools to run such a free program, making it much harder to implement in schools.

OneInMath is a structured program in the sense it is:

  • Highly individualized to cater to the students’ level.
  • There is a method of how we evaluate the students as to his current level of knowledge
  • There is a structure to how we create a nurturing positive environment for students to develop confidence and learn.

OneInMath has a different philosophy than schools. We do NOT emphasize how much a student knows and we don’t have set material that a student should cover in a given period of time. Rather, we are more interested in on how well a student has mastered each step of Arithmetic operations, and can they confidently do arithmetic operations both orally and in writing.

This strategy has shown amazing results! The program has been running in several libraries with resounding success. 99% of the parents recommend the program, and 100% of the parents have said that their kids has benefitted their child at least in one way.

We recommend you request the librarian to give you a chance to present the program to them so they can make an informed call to offer the program at their library or not.